Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more ?Blade Runner? for Sean Young

SWTS1201.jpg Nothing is more daring than stepping on an ice rink in front of your friends. Magnify that by millions of viewers and the experience becomes much more intense. Such was the case with the second installment of ABC?s Skating With the Stars as the six daring celebrities attempted some elaborate dance moves combined with the skating skills they have acquired over the past six weeks. While most proved competent on the ice, the weekly fall count rose by three with Vince Neil falling once and Sean Young falling twice during their routines.

With an impressive beginning and excellent recovery, the judges praised Sean?s routine ? but unfortunately a fall had to be reflected in the scores awarded. Sean received a 12 for technical ability and 18 for artistic merit. However, after combining scores from last week?s routine with the viewer votes, it was not enough to keep Sean in the competition.

?It?s okay. I don?t have to rehearse tomorrow, so there are two edges to this,? Sean told In Touch after the show about her elimination. For Sean, it was disappointing her partner, Denis Petukhov, that hurt more than falling on the ice; however, Denis assures In Touch this is not the case.

Next week, all eyes, including Sean?s, will be on show front-runner Rebecca Budig, who, for the second week in a row, completed a flawless routine and scored high. ?Rebecca Budig is certainly doing well,? says Sean. ?She looks really good up there. It?s her training from when she was younger, a memory has been awoken and I think that is wonderful.? Then Sean adds, ?But I?m not rooting for anyone specific, as just having the competitors show up is wonderful. They have courage and will all learn something from it.?

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