Friday, March 4, 2011

Bachelor Brad: Tricked by Emily?s Lies

With her traditional values, caring spirit and genteel, soft-spoken ways, Emily Maynard has won the heart of The Bachelor?s Brad Womack ? and she?s so popular with viewers that, should she not receive the final rose on the show?s upcoming season finale, she?s said to be a shoo-in as the next Bachelorette. But as In Touch has learned, Emily may not be the person she portrays herself to be.

?Emily says she wants a ?soft life.? I think she wants a cushy life without having to work,? a source claims, adding that she?ll do anything to get that life ? whether or not it?s dishonest. ?The only reason she got on The Bachelor is that she smooth-talked everybody.?

In her heartfelt conversations with Brad, Emily comes across as a woman devastated by the loss of her ?fianc�,? the late Ricky Hendrick, but in an exclusive interview, Ricky?s ex-fianc�e, Cori Kurek, tells In Touch she thinks that Emily and Ricky were never actually engaged.

?After Ricky died and she found out she was pregnant, Emily wanted to have lunch with me, because she didn?t know him that well,? shares Cori, who was engaged to Ricky from 2002 to 2003. When the two broke off their engagement, Cori gave back Ricky?s ring. ?I?m amazed at the details Emily excludes about her background,? says Cori of the 24-year-old?s portrayal on the show.

And Cori?s amazed at how ?misleading? Emily has been on-screen. Others agree. After hearing of the pregnancy, the close source claims, Ricky?s family gave Emily Cori?s engagement ring to spare themselves the embarrassment that she had become pregnant out of wedlock, and to make it appear that wedding plans were on the horizon at the time of Ricky?s sudden death.

?They took Ricky?s ex-fianc�e?s ring and put it on Emily?s finger,? the source explains, adding that Emily was seen wearing the $100,000 sparkler in the delivery room. ?I think it was a staged, fake engagement.?

While Emily has described Ricky as her childhood sweetheart, Cori insists, ?Ricky and I were together for a very long time and as far as I know, there was never any Emily in his life.?

For more on The Bachelor ? including exclusive details on Emily Maynard?s past ? pick up the new issue of In Touch, on stands now.

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