Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Blasts: I?m Not Crazy

Charlie Sheen?s one-man media blitz has continued, with others, he said, just ?jealous? of his completely unconventional lifestyle. After Celebrity Rehab?s Dr. Drew Pinsky told TMZ that Charlie was clearly ?manic,? the actor lashed out to In Touch.

?Tell him he?s a fool,? the 45-year-old actor said. ?I?m alive and winning, and he is a soft target in a cheap suit. What is he a doctor of, [expletive]? And yeah, print that. Funniest part, I?ve never even met this mutt. Adios, clowns.?

CBS pulled the plug on the eighth season of Two and a Half Men shortly after Charlie went on a radio show and challenged creator Chuck Lorre to a fight. Charlie denied that he secretly engineered the rift to get out of his contract and a reported $2 million weekly salary.

?Nope. Love the magic money too much,? he said. ?Hate Chuck with a passion and was hoping they would fire his tool a**. But as usual, I?m the only guy smart enough and gnarly enough in the mix to call this villain out.?

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